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30 years of C++!

On October 14th 1985 was released Cfront 1.0, the first C++ compiler developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.

30 years later, the C++ committee will meet in Hawaii (19th-24th October) in order to work on C++17. I think it's a great opportunity to discuss about where we are with C++, and where we are going!

That's why I'll go there as an observer. I plan to make (video) interviews of the members about many hot topics that were suggested to me by the community. And I propose you to find here the results of our discussions!

c++ timeline

Who is behind C++?

Indeed, is there a better way to understand what's going on with C++ than to ask the ones who work on improving the language?

The great thing about C++ is it's an open language. That means it belongs to everybody, you and me included. That also means you - and me - can freely follow and even contribute to its evolution. For many members of the committee, that's how it all started!

Behind C++ there are many men and women working hard today to prepare the language we will use tomorrow. They are an unvaluable source of knowledge to better understand the language.